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anelor_galor's Journal

A Bio entry - well I kinda loved Bio in school same for Chemistry and Geography not to forget Volleyball and Athletics. Anyhow I think I should mention I like many thinks but I love none but being alive and kicking. Though hating what I am but valuing what I have. I am a bit crazy and confused down to my bones but if you know me, you might even know me well enough to accept me and that is what it is all about. Be what you are for yourself and do not think what others think. There are 5 billion people on this little blue rock and for sure you will find 10 that actually love you. So get on moving and stop crying the world will not become a lovely night dream, if you stay where you are all day!!!
[quote in my expieriencen] 11 countries and 16 years traveling (not none stop ^^) its true ;-P